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Why Detox?

In today's world of processed foods and environmental pollution, toxic substances exist almost everywhere. The foods we eat and the air that we breathe are literally dumping toxic chemicals into our bodies that are foreign substances to our systems.

Our bodies are designed to utilize natural substances such as food, water, herbs and phytochemicals. It is the job of our immune systems, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys and colon to reduce and eliminate foreign substances. However, when toxicity levels become too high, our bodies natural ability to reduce and eliminate foreign substances become compromised and begins to store high levels of toxic chemicals in our blood stream, muscles and tissues. These stored toxins may eventually add up to lethal amounts of toxic chemicals in our bodies.

Scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) both indicate the chemicals in our air, food, and water may cause between 60-80% of all cancers. Long-term exposure to pollution may also result in genetic changes that affect growth, health and behavior, and may contribute to our susceptibility to disease.

It makes sense that if one can eliminate toxins their health may improve. Cleansing and maintaining our eliminative organs may be essential to properly eliminate toxic waste build-up in our bodies.



Service Prices:

Purchase six colonics &
receive a complimentary
Infrared Sauna or Aqua
Chi session.

2 Person Special
Each purchase six colonic sessions for only $360 for each series

1 session - $80
Six sessions - $400
Follow up sessions - $67

Infrared Sauna
Each session - $45.00
Six Sessions - $175

Aqua Chi
Each Session - $35.00
Six Sessions - $175

Lymphatic Drainage
Each session - $75

Massage Therapy
Each session - $75.00



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