Colon Hydrotherapy Overview
Colonic Overview

FDA Registered. Safe. Hygienic. No Odor. No Mess.

Colon hydrotherapy is a process where the colon is cleansed of toxic build up of impacted and putrefactive fecal matter through a gentle flow of warm, purified water. Most people who eat a modern civilized diet consisting of fast food, fatty foods, caffeine, high sugar foods, chemically treated, preserved or processed foods may benefit from colon hydrotherapy.

The colon hydrotherapy process can relieve years of buildup that may be causing chronic health conditions such as fatigue, gas, headaches, irritability and constipation, just to name a few.

Your sense of well being is often restored dramatically with colon irrigation. The body is able to assimilate food once again in a normal way in the colon, which may give it a better defense against disease.

You may feel lighter and more energetic. Natural peristalsis, tone and regularity are restored and many serious diseases may be averted through this gentle, sterile, scientific technique. Colonic hydrotherapy is a key factor in the restoration of the body’s natural balance of what we call “good health”.

The colonic procedure begins in privacy by removing clothing and getting comfortable in a clean, cotton gown. Your therapist will instruct and guide you through the process of inserting a new disposable, sterile and lubricated rectal tube, (about the diameter of a straw into the rectum) as you relax in a semi-reclined position, completely covered. Your therapist is there to advise and instruct you through this process or, if you prefer, you may have privacy at this time.

A soothing flow of safe, filtered, temperature controlled water then gently passes through the tube, flowing into and circulating throughout the lower colon. Our system is gravity fed and does not force water into the colon. The pressure, temperature and flow of water can be regulated throughout the session for your own personal comfort.

Throughout the colonic irrigation, a slight sense of fullness will be felt at which time the evacuation of the contents of the lower colon occurs upon bearing down at the sensation of a bowel movement. Your therapist will be with you to assist in relaxation techniques and massage. You may choose to have privacy at this time, if you prefer. A handy bell nearby allows you to call on your therapist for assistance at any time. You will be shown how to stop the equipment at any time if you need a break.

Our FDA registered, Class II medical device permits elimination privately without any mess or odors. Waste matter is eliminated directly into a drain system. A clear drainage pipe located beneath the device permits viewing of the excreted waste matter if you choose. Waste matter is washed away quickly and easily without any added effort.

After your forty to forty-five minute colonic session is complete. After your first few sessions, you may feel a bit tired as your body continues to circulate stored toxins into your cleaner colon. It will be important to be kind to your digestive system with a moderate diet. The following day you can return to your regular diet.