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“I started a yeast free diet on June 1. Glenda was so encouraging, comforting and very professional, and made me feel very at ease. It took several sessions before I started feeling better, however, now I feel better than I can remember ever feeling. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is dealing with a yeast or Candida problem.– Connie
If I had to use one word to describe my experience with Colonics with Care and Glenda, it would be Awesome! That is how I feel and also how I look. Because of Glenda and Colonics with Care, I started taking better care of myself by walking and eating better than I had been. I have just recently quit smoking which is amazing to me because I had done it for 16 years. – Wanda
Thank you so much for working with me and offering your care and support. I didn’t know where else to turn and must admit that I did have my doubts that anything would work for me. After six colonics, I was having a BM every day, had lost 12 pounds and had begun to have an increased level of energy that I thought was lost long ago.– Dawn R.
I went for an inner cleansing, but what I got was much more rewarding. Glenda’s warm and nurturing ways put me at ease. In addition, her plethora of knowledge inspired me, and because of my wonderful experience at Colonics With Care, I decided to pursue a career as a colon Therapist. I feel better than I did 10 years ago. Colon hydrotherapy is an amazing alternative to maintaining a healthy colon, and a convincing testimonial that you are what you eat.-Nancy Snydez
Thanks to Colonics With Care, I’m feeling better than ever and I haven’t had to burp or had to take any antacids since I started my sessions. I would recommend everyone, yes, especially men to give their colon a new life with Colonics With Care.– Robert H.
Glenda’s therapy is professional, yet personal. She takes a personal interest in every client she sees and you can tell this therapy is a vocation in which she firmly believes.
It is clear that Glenda has dedicated herself to providing a healing therapy that promotes the overall health and well being of each and every client she treats.– Lori Hoerl, 38
I am definitely glad I scheduled with you and started the cleansing process. I feel 100% better! I’ve just finished my 4th colonic and I feel great! I feel lighter and my body is assimilating and processing much more efficiently. Thank you again for your kindness, your knowledge, and your service. I recommend this to everyone who really cares about their body…after all, you’re only given one!– Christina G.